Chicken Prep Tutorial.

Hello everyone, I thought I would share a little Chicken tutorial with you all.

I have learned to prep chicken properly when I worked at Real BBQ by head Chef Ken Armstead.

And I thought I would pass it along to anyone who is willing to learn to do chicken this way.

Step 1.

Buy a Whole Chicken, I purchased a Tyson for this tutorial.

Step 2.

Wash the bird in cold water.

Step 3.

Find the back bone, and snap it with your Palm, until you hear it snaps.

Step 4.

Make an incision along the bird as shown in this picture. ( Don’t go too deep )

Step 5.

Now flip the bird over and open both sides up as shown in this picture.

I would at this point just clean out the the bird with a damp paper towel.

Step 6.

Well your bird should look like this and ready for what ever you will be turning your bird into a work of art ( a tasty dish ) .

For my application, I took my bird and placed it in a air tight container then in the fridge  I am ready to cook the bird at any time.

I am not going to tell you how to cook your Yard bird, I am sure you will come up with a lot of good dishes using this Technique